Heart of a Dog

I’m listening to the soundtrack from Laurie Anderson’s film Heart of a Dog. Heart of a Dog is Laurie Anderson’s memoir in the form of a fantastical documentary film. The dog in question is the late Lolabelle, a rat terrier adopted by Ms. Anderson and her late husband, Lou Reed, who died in 2013. As did Lolabelle. The… More Heart of a Dog

Boring Friends

We know only four boring people. The rest of our friends we find very interesting. However, most of the friends we find interesting find us boring: the most interesting find us the most boring. The few who are somewhere in the middle, with whom there is reciprocal interest, we distrust: at any moment, we feel,… More Boring Friends

Natalie Diaz

I have to talk about Natalie Diaz. Or rather; give Diaz some space (If you haven’t read her yet, you really should!) This is Diaz in her own words: The greatest and perhaps single piece of knowledge I carry in me when I write is that there are multitudes of truths contained in a single story. I… More Natalie Diaz