… for books have a way of influencing each other …

In “A Room of One’s Own” Virginia Woolf is saying:

Fiction will be much the better for standing cheek by jowl with poetry and philosophy  … For books have a way of influencing each other.

All of Woolf’s writing (according to Hermione Lee) goes in for this mixing and merging of genres: fiction, history, biography, essays, elegy, poetry, drama, are always criss-crossing and influencing each other in her work.

This is, as I see it, why Woolf’s texts are such magnificent models and ideals for one who wants to write. She is extremely inventive and free in her texts, she uses the world, arts and history in her own ways, creating new meanings, which is really something to strive for

Vanessa Bell: The Schoolroom (1937)

Lithograph on paper. In many ways this is both quintessential Bloomsbury and closely representative of Vanessa Bell’s work: the colours are strong, the patterns bold, the décor of a type Bell might herself have designed for the Omega Workshops.

Carol Becker on A Room of One’s Own

For women to do serious creative work they must have a room of their own – a room to hide in, parameters to protect them from external interference and from psychic interference. Women must protect themselves from their inability to keep out input of others, to say no to the needs of others, the fears, the wants, and desires of others that inevitable pull them away from themselves.

Carol Becker 

The above quoted is from Carol Becker’s Zones of Contention: Essays on art, institutions, gender, and anxiety, it is a book I have yet to read. As for now I only know cultural critic Carol Becker as a great lecturer, you can listen to her here

just like breathing

I read this beautiful post on A Piece of Monologue today. It made me think of the quality of books as tangible, factual objects. Because there is a kind of magic in books made of paper, which e-books are not (yet) to match – I’m talking about handmade scribbling and comments. I know that I can easily make notes in my i-Pad, but it will not be looking like this:

David F. Wallace's notes on Don DeLillo

David F. Wallace's notes on Borges
To me these pages are a pictures of pure beauty – the kind of beauty that comes into existence when thinking souls meet.
Reading – Internalizing

Writing – Externalizing

just like breathing

This is how new thoughts are made, this is the way our common culture develop, this is why we are all dependent on one another –


In addition to my self-chosen writers & themes, my reading at all times does also consist of those new novels I read for reviews.

Today I received a copy of Helle Helle’s most recent novel: This should be written in the present.

Helle Helle was born in Denmark in 1965. She published her first book in 1993. She has been translated into several languages.