The Time Is Now!

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The most important and underrated factor in a writer’s success is discipline. 

Its really very simple: If you want to be a writer … focus on the writing! However, finding the time and inspiration to write is not always easy. That’s where creative writing prompts and exercises can help. The Time Is Now offers a weekly writing prompt (poetry, fiction, and a creative nonfiction prompt) to help you stay committed to your writing practice throughout the year.

This week the creative nonfiction prompt read like this:

The Alter Ego

Research the origins (Latin, Greek, biblical, or otherwise) of your first name and develop an alter ego for yourself based upon those origins. If your name is Alex, for example, whose origin, Alexandros, originates from the Greek root “to defend,” your alter ego could be “The Defender.” Free-write for twenty minutes from the perspective of that alter ego, writing about anything that comes to mind–and see what kind of patterns, ideas, or thoughts emerge.

The origin of my name is Old Norse, above is a picture of the first page of Codex Upsaliensis of Snorra Edda

Why don’t you have a go?