Theory has nothing to do with it –

In the early 1960s, Agnes Martin’s geometric compositions evolved into what would later be seen as her signature style: the square grid. Referring to these paintings, the critic Lucy Lippard described them as ‘legendary examples of an unrepetitive use of a repetitive medium’. More and more I excluded from my paintings all curved lines, until finally my… More Theory has nothing to do with it –

On walking

Yesterday I read The Situation and the Story: The Art of Personal Narrative by Vivian Gornick. It struck me that Gornick, in this book, first and foremost present herself as a great reader, a guide. Through clear and presise analyzes she makes her own readers (us) see how & why a text works. Very pragmatic, very useful. The Situation and… More On walking

on art writing 

(continued) Two thoughts engaging me at the moment Good art is offering us a kind of transcendental experience we used to get from religion. Art’s primary & only demand is very simple – and at the same time extremely difficult-: you have to slow down if you are to get it. There’s something about slowing… More on art writing