on art writing 

(continued) Two thoughts engaging me at the moment Good art is offering us a kind of transcendental experience we used to get from religion. Art’s primary & only demand is very simple – and at the same time extremely difficult-: you have to slow down if you are to get it. There’s something about slowing… More on art writing 

extending the list

So, this is the situation: yesterday I presented you for an ON-GOING READING LIST, today I have extended it. If this is how its gonna be, I’m heading towards a seriously busy summer  – . I started my morning reading a chapter of Christian McEwen’s inspirational book World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down. It is the kind of book… More extending the list

On-going reading list

plans for a never-ending summer Author Title 1. Julian Barnes Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art 2. Heidi Julavits The Folded Clock: A Diary 3.  Sarah Manguso Ongoingness: The End of a Diary 4. Frances Morris, etc Agnes Martin 5. Nancy Princenthal Agnes Martin: Her Life and Art 6. Sally Mann Hold Still: A… More On-going reading list

add sound

Yesterday I went to visit an exhibition showing works by: CHARLES GAINES, CARLA GUAGLIARDI and FRANKA HÖRNSCHEMEYER. When entering the gallery you are first met by a loud clacking noise. I walked towards the sound, and found Franka Hörnschemeyer Oszilloskop, to be the originator.  Oscilloscopes are used to observe the change of an electrical signal over time I stood… More add sound


This is from Cynthia Newberry Martin’s wonderful series 365 True Things … as John Ashbery says, The reasons that religions are great is that they are founded on doubt. So you have to be the religion of yourself, which surely Walt Whitman said somewhere, (…) In my experience, the people who become writers are the ones who keep… More Wisdom