A bathtub follow up

Time for a new Abreuvoir I spotted this watering place on my afternoon walk, not sure what the pipes are for – maybe just there to add some colour to my photo? I also found this beautiful harrow – left to rust in a corner of no-mans-land. And a tyre trying to become nature …


This post made me want to take a closer look at Rita Felski’s book Uses of Literature (2008). Felski’s intention is to bridge the gap between literary theory and common-sense beliefs about why we read literature. Uses of Literature deals with four key elements of the reading experience: recognition, enchantment, knowledge, and shock. These four recall, as she… More enchantment

my life in pictures

Cynthia, at catching days, has a great project going on called 365 true things – she is presenting us for 365 true things about herself, 1 true thing at a time. Inspired by Cynthia I have started a blog called: en dag, ett bilde (one day, one image). A project about noticing the everyday – as it flows through… More my life in pictures

In situ

It is impossible to give a precise recollection of Richard Mosse’s work The Enclave, it is a 6 channel video installation with a brilliant sound track by Ben Frost. Here are just some quick snapshots to give you an impression: Such a strange universe; due to his choice of film & filter the chlorophyll green gets… More In situ

apropos putting things into words –

Aquabob, clinkerbell, daggler, cancervell, ickle, tankle, shuckle, crottle, doofers, honeyfur, zawn … The English language used to be a rich language, full of vivid, precise words to describe the landscape and natural phenomena. But where are these words nowadays? According to Robert Macfarlane we have not kept up with developing this side of our language, on the contrary we… More apropos putting things into words –

Art Criticism: “A Term I’ve Always Kind of Disliked”

“…[M]y 50 years of art writing have often been motivated by a desire to escape the art world. I’m … pleased that the award is for art writing and not art criticism, a term I’ve always kind of disliked, since most of what I know about art I learned from artists, and artists from pretty… More Art Criticism: “A Term I’ve Always Kind of Disliked”

perfect frost

After a month with rain and storm, February has has arrived with perfect winter weather – Trout fisher A portal in the woods Wetland looking very different in winter Sea still as a mirror The days are still short, the last rays of sun-light falling upon our windows in late afternoon

What Light Can Do

Ekphrasis, writes Marjorie Munsterberg, is a particular kind of visual description and the oldest type of writing about art in the West. The goal of this literary form is to make the reader envision the thing described as if it were physically present. The ability to reproduce works of art has reduced the importance of ekphrastic… More What Light Can Do