beauty is not about facts

There’s nobody living who couldn’t stand all afternoon in front of a waterfall…, wrote Agnes Martin. Anyone who can sit on a stone in a field awhile can see my painting. Nature is like parting a curtain, you go into it…as you would cross an empty beach to look at the ocean. It’s not about facts, it’s about feelings….A definition of art is that it makes concrete our most subtle emotions.

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on happiness

People tell me my paintings are about peace. I really think they’re about tranquility. Tranquility comes when you’re resting. Your mind has stopped. You feel happy.

I have dedicated this year to studying the work of Virginia Woolf. And maybe thats why I have become more sensitive and interested in the work of female artists? Anyways – today I would like to share my love for Agnes Martin (1912-2004) with you. A love which is not restricted to her visual work, but which also include her writings. For, as you can see in my quotations, her thoughts on art are extremely well formulated. I find them very-very inspiring; hope you will too!

Beauty illustrates happiness: the wind in the grass, the glistening waves following each other, the flight of birds – all speak of happiness.

The clear blue sky illustrates a different kind of happiness, and the soft dark night a different kind. There are an infinite number of different kinds of happiness.

Agnes Martin

When I think of Art, I think of Beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life.
It is not in the eye, it is in the mind.
In the mind, there is an awareness of perfection.

And here she is in her own words

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but there seems to be a connection – in my mind at least – between Agnes Martin and Eva Hesse. An awareness of perfection, is it?