The Nunnery

Higher Ground by Kate Gilmore, is a site specific performance featuring women in white dresses and red shoes, swinging on swings inside an empty house, painted very pink on the outside and lipstick red on the inside. The setting where the performance is taking place was once a private home, and was later used as a convent, a nunnery. I find… More The Nunnery

A profound experience of the absence of profundity

The protagonist in Ben Lerner’s first novel: Leaving the Atocha Station (2011), starts every morning with a visit to the Prado in Madrid: I arrived one morning at the Van der Weyden to find someone had taken my place. He was standing exactly where I normally stood and for a moment I was startled, as if… More A profound experience of the absence of profundity

Paying attention

Insight? Philosophy from Plato up into our time has been trying to “save” art from emotions. But one has to remember: The mind is not floating in space but connected to a body. Is the process of theorization nothing but the old trick of masculinity trying to trump femininity – order to repress chaos, logic to… More Paying attention

Art instigate art

Lately Edward Hirsch has been influencing my way of thinking about art. Hirsch says things like “the purpose of poetry is not first and foremost to inspire the writer, but to inspire the reader”, and “there is not enough talk about emotions in contemporary criticism”. He is preoccupied by – and gives great importance to – the reader’s experience.… More Art instigate art

on art writing

Recently I have found writings on poetry to be much more relevant for visual art, than specialized visual art writing, such as reviews, catalogue texts or research papers. Writings on poetry, and especially texts on poetry written by poets, seem to grasp art more directly, even if the poet’s language are poetic -and by definition… More on art writing